Product Introduction

  • Origin:Taiwan Package
  • Specifications:SM/CF
  • Model No:BOD # 150
  • Packing:Iron Can 1 Liter x 20 Cans/Cartons

Product Features

  • BOD Infinity fully synthetic high performance additive is the full synthetic lubricating oils for racing which designed and developed for natural intake, turbocharged and other different characteristics engines. It contains special additives to reduce friction, tear and wear and decreases engine heat, prolongs engine service life. Under ultimate application, INFINITY ensures to create stable pressure, low friction and stable resistance to shear, and still keep the stability at the violent racing game.
  • (This product can be completely substituted for engine oil, consult with a technician for any question.)

Use Guide

  • Please contact the technical person of car field for the best solution.


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