BCG 2.555


Product Introduction

  • Origin:Taiwan Package
  • Specifications:SN A3/B4/C3
  • Model No:BOD # 191
  • Packing:Iron Can 1 Liter x 20 Cans/Cartons

Product Features

  • The product uses exceeding lubricant protection of graphene and nanographite materials. The unique self-lubricity of graphene oil film formed while working can instantly improve automobile power, and greatly reduce wear when cold start. It will lower engine temperature, shake, noise, and exhaust emission.
  • Greatly reduce friction coefficient and wear rate, especially under heavy load mechanical friction coefficient, which will upgrade antiwear ability; graphene lubricants with stable thermal stability, high viscosity index and low volatility features can lubricate, cool, clean, and maintain the engines. Suitable for all kinds of vehicles, new cars, office workers, european cars and hybrid cars.
  • (This product can be completely substituted for engine oil, consult with a technician for any question.)

Use Guide

  • Please contact the technical person of car field for the best solution.


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