GP 030


Product Introduction

  • Origin:Taiwan Package
  • Model No:BOD # 185
  • Packing:Plastic Bottle 1 Liter x 24 Bottle/Carton

Product Features

  • The product can prevent damage to the engine by thermal stability under high temperature. Even with complete combustion will not cause deterioration or residual and harmful substances when the engine is operating under high temperature.
  • The oil is suitable for fuel-efficient, light operation demand. This product is suitable for new diesel engine equipped with DPF device. No toxic heavy metals and ash contained, oil performance and environmental standards is beyond API CJ-4 and SN.
  • This product is suitable for cold areas, small-sized cars, new cars, diesel engines, new cars and hybrid cars.
  • (This product can be completely substituted for engine oil, consult with a technician for any question.)

Use Guide

  • Please contact the technical person of car field for the best solution.


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