GP 3080


Product Introduction

  • Origin:Taiwan Package
  • Model No:BOD # 188
  • Packing:Plastic Bottle 1 Liter x 24 Bottle/Carton

Product Features

  • The product mainly improves common problems of the engines including serious engine oil consumption, air leakage, lacking cylinder pressure, severe oil mud, lacking power for climbing and high speed.
  • Suitable for high-speed, long-distance driving, mountain climbing, urban driving and other general needs. Provide treatment and protection, extend the life of the engine system and restore engine power output.
  • Smoother, quieter, improve air tightness, save fuel, no ash and toxic emissions, no pollution.
  • The product is suitable for serious carbon deposits, lacking power, air leakage, engine oil consumption. Without heavy metals, sulfide, molybdenum disulfide, phosphide, Teflon, extreme pressure agents that produce sludge.
  • (This product can be completely substituted for engine oil, consult with a technician for any question.)

Use Guide

  • Please contact the technical person of car field for the best solution.


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