About BOD

The BOD brand (full name: BEST OIL DESIGNER) was established in mid-June, 2003, our pride is that we specialize in providing oil lubricants by insisting the best quality and profession service for all vehicles and industry, providing outstanding, stable products and professional solution to customers.

So far, as constantly upgrading the quality, we’ve gained good reputation and supports from customers. Yun Ping has engaged in lubricating oils business for years and became as the agent of BOD engine oils, our technical people with many years’ experience provides maintenance centers and factories with advanced technology and excellent quality products which makes the customers save money and enhance the quality.

For any further questions about our oil lubricants, please feel free to contact us, we shall be very happy to serve you with the best solution.

Operational Goal

We strive to manage business with high quality, enthusiasm, best service, respect and satisfy customers’ need as our managing goals. We are aware that the consumers and users are unable to obtain professional knowledge of lubricating oils and the important functions of all kinds of lubricating oils, hence they haven’t yet established brand image for all various lubrication brands in Taiwan over decades. Thus, we have formulated special lubricating oils that are suitable for the characteristics of different vehicles or machines.

Our goals are closely to cooperate with our customers, partners, decision makers by promoting more effectively and continuously applicable energy and natural resource, seeking and developing for other energies in order satisfy customers’ changing demands and global increasing energy requirements.


Our services include the supply and sales of gasoline and diesel engine oils, 4-stroke and 2-stroke motorcycle engine oils, radiator cleaners, radiator additives, power steering fluids, gear oils, engine flush oils, engine oils additives, and other chemical additives, we accept and offer the lubricants service to vehicle maintenance houses, assists and accepts the requests from maintenance centers for the needs of oil quality test service to the oils we offered.

Our unique innovation is designed and formulated as per various requirements from all racing fleets or machineries with special characteristics; we have professional analytic instruments and specialists to formulate the right lubricants for customers’ individual demands anytime.


Choosing right lubricating oils or greases becomes as the most important subject because no matter to mobiles, all machineries, lubricating performance is key to machinery life and operation efficiency.

BOD petro oils developed all various unique formulas and technologies which are suitable for all kinds of lubricants, its superb oil membrane strength (high viscosity index), moderate viscosity (excellent fluidity), stability under wider temperatures and thermal resistance, indeed, can cover entire metal surface, maximizes horse power of your precious car, keeps high RPM, reduces power loss, increases fuels efficiency, free of oil mud and carbon deposits buildup, maintains engines as new one.

We commit to constantly develop and research high performance products; in addition to develop automotive engine oils, we also invested a lot of funds and resources to innovate products in other important fields such as engine systems and industrial applications.


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